Today we rest.

Our Sunday rhythm usually consists of church in the morning, but today, by a stroke of fate and goodwill, church met at 430 pm.  Hallelujah!

So, this morning, we rested.

We took it easy.

We filled our morning with all of our favorite things: pajamas, 2nd cups of coffee, sleeping in, snuggles, iPads, and later breakfasts out.

And on that note, here are a few of my recent favorite things…

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
With amazing new summer flavors such as Atlantic Beach Pie, Ylang Ylang and Fennel, Birch and Marshmallows (this tastes exactly like the foam off the top of a homemade root beer float), and Savannah Buttermint, one of our city’s local highlights, Jeni’s, has easily become one of our favorite places to treat ourselves as the temperatures begin to rise.


Our Back Porch
We’ve been working to make this one of our favorite hang spots.  With some new deck furniture, brightly-colored plants in the pots, ceiling fans in the roof above our heads, and a great view of the girls new summer highlight (the trampoline), I anticipate many hours spent here this summer!


This JCrew top
With the large ruffle sleeves, it’s just enough “outside the box” for me.  It’s probably my favorite spring clothing purchase.  Still working to find just the right pant/short to pair it with, but I look forward to an orange lip, some bold sunglasses and feeling fun and stylish in this beauty!

Noodles & Company
With this new Chicken Veracruz salad (YUM!) and their semi-healthy kids selections, this has become one of my own and the girls’ favorite lunching spots after a park or the zoo.  Apparently Ruby, the koala, enjoys it too–well, at least the chocolate chip cookie.


Nap time with this One
She will be 5 in August and she definitely does not nap MOST days of the week… but, every now and then she will hit a bit of a wall and want a nap.  And she always asks if she can nap with me in the big bed.  Some days I say no because I know I have to take advantage of the nap time to get some things done.  But, on the days I say yes, it’s always this sweet.


ZEST Juice Co.
This lovely find is practically in my backyard!  They specialize in their cold-pressed juices and don’t joke around when it comes to quality and content.  Free delivery is even offered on large orders (if you’re thinking of doing a juice cleanse or anything along those lines), but I can only speak officially for the one smoothie I had- Blue Almond.  And it was delicious!  On a busy day, I was running errands and realized that I had yet to eat lunch.  This stop at ZEST did the trick!  Filled me up and kept me going.


Columbus BalletMet
My daughter participated in her first recital with BalletMet this weekend.  And my initial impression of them held (if not increased to new levels) when I saw all the dance students perform.  It is a QUALITY program and I am so proud to send my daughter there. She is receiving amazing training in a fun environment and loving every minute of it!


The Sisters
Although I didn’t have a super recent picture of Bryn, I must include ALL THREE of the sisters here.  Their dynamic keeps getting better and better.

Bryn and Harper (2 and almost 5) are playing imaginatively together so much more and it is so fun to see Harper step quite naturally into the big sister role when Maddie is away at school.  And Bryn’s little mind and vocabulary are skyrocketing–which of course, only makes it more and more fun for Harper and Maddie to play along with her.

And then the Harper-Maddie dynamic.  Although fierce (most days I break up at least 1-3 fights), they are hilarious.  Lately, they make one another laugh NON-STOP.  And Harper’s laugh is so great right now!  Full abandonment, joy unspeakable and sometimes a few snorts.


Simply Tuesday book
Freedom, freedom, freedom.  This book by Emily P. Freeman was fantastic!  If you are looking for a fun read with lots of reminders to embrace our “simple, everyday moments,” this is the book for you!  Vowing to be a bench-dweller and stop to sit (because love does indeed sit) more and more this summer.

I certainly hope you were able to enjoy a few of your favorite things this weekend!





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