Pink tape. Store in basement of rental until new house is built. Green tape. Unpack at rental. There is a method and a strategy to the chaos. Ah, the joys of a double move!

In less than a month, we will be packing up our family and moving to a rental just outside of Columbus, Ohio for approximately 6 months. At the end of which, we will move into the house we are currently building.

Transition is definitely the word of the year for the Callen family. Lots of it. Sometimes in small doses. Sometimes in massive waves that cause my husband and I to look at one another and ask in whispered tones, “What in the world are we doing?!?!?” But, it would be unfair to say that “transition” is the only word defining our year. Coupled with the transition is the fact that we are being carried. Carried by the One who has purposed our steps and known about this move from before the moment he created us. The fact that we are being carried is so tangible that at times I physically sense Our Father’s arms of peace surrounding me, picking me up, providing deep comfort, instilling excitement, hope and vision for where He is carrying us next.

Last week, on the eve of exactly 12 ½ married years with my love (whoa), and the eve of Father’s Day when we get to celebrate him as the amazing daddy, husband, leader and man he is, we went on a date. A date to celebrate! A date to celebrate him. To celebrate this transition. To celebrate being carried and the One who carries us.

To say that we are deep in processing this move is an understatement. I sense it all around us. As our kids watch us take down their precious decorations in their rooms. As we all walk around boxes (labeled with pink or green tape of course) ;). As we finalize plans with movers. As we experience “last moments” this side of the move and dream about “first moments” on the other side. We are joyous and happy over what is to come. At the same time, we are scared and uncertain. We celebrate the community we’ll be joining and deeply grieve the one we are leaving. We cling to each other and God, trusting that He has and will continue to knit together the relationships that mean the most.

Family and those dear friends I lovingly call “Framily.” He knows us and knows WHO and what we need in this journey called life. Precious people. Deeply precious people. Words can’t even express. You know who you are. Whether we see you every day or every few months. Whether we have known you for years or a few months. There is purpose and there is reason behind our relationships with you. Purpose and meaning beyond our comprehension. If you’re reading this, you know who you are. And to you, this message is yours. Read it and let it sink in. My prayer is that these words will dwell in your heart and the meaning will resonate….

We are moving to the Columbus area to be a part of a church plant with a group of people. A group of people and a way of doing life that we just can’t shake. A vision for community and love for God and others that is radical and lasting. A new way of experiencing and connecting with God that we want more of on a daily basis. We caught the vision for this type of community almost 3 years ago when we trekked across the country for my husband to attend a year of ministry school at a marked and unique place that is experiencing a powerful revival.

Today, as we are about to make what is perhaps the biggest leap of faith to follow the dream God has imprinted on our hearts, I want those who have affected our lives to know this….

We are more committed to you now than ever before.

 We may not be able to answer all of your questions (because we don’t have all of the answers) but I can assure you that we will discover these things together.

 We are thankful for our “net”- and you are a part of that!

 We aren’t choosing this over you, but we are choosing this.

 We are blessed and excited to see you bloom where you’re planted.

 So, last week, as I enjoyed date night with my husband, I set one rule for the evening and our conversations. We were only allowed to talk about dreams. What we dream and envision for our family in the coming months and years. Oh yes, there’s much pink tape/green tape logistical conversations to be had, but for tonight, we put those on hold.

We celebrate this season.

We dream together.

And we cling to one another and the One who brought us together as we do this. We GET to do this. We are so thankful. So very thankful. For transitions. For being carried. For our precious people. For you.

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