He is our rock, our stabilizer, equalizer, provider and safe haven.  And today, we celebrate his 37 years of life.

Because of him, I have redefined HOME.


We have moved around a bit over the course of almost 14 years of marriage and I find myself not really being too unsettled by it all.  The moving.  Sure, transition with a family of five can be difficult, but we have done it.  We are all stable, happy and thriving.

When I hear people wonder out loud how we can makes moves from Indiana to California to Indiana to Ohio with our tribe, I find myself wondering if indeed there is something perhaps “wrong” with me because the moving doesn’t bother me.  Do I not put down “roots” enough?  Should this transition feel more difficult than it does? Don’t get me wrong, I have had my own process and journey through many emotions regarding this but, for the most part, it’s felt seamless.  And after some reflection, it’s caused me to realize, there isn’t anything wrong.  Instead,

We transition and settle well because of him.


I recently bought a piece of artwork for our bedroom that reads, “Whenever we are together, we are HOME.”

That captures it all.  His very essence lies in being so comfortable in his own skin, his own preferences, his own home and his own decisions.  I take great comfort in these qualities that he possesses.  Sure, my own people-pleasing nature kicks in at times and then those very qualities of his that provide comfort actually begin to drive me a little bonkers (ha!).

But, I always land back on the belief that we, in our sometimes polar-oppositeness are beautifully together for a reason.  And that’s to do life side-by-side, raising three beautiful and strong ladies, making our own impact in our various corners of the world and spheres of influence.

He’s helped me to redefine home.  To be more comfortable just being.  In the everyday, in the ordinary, I can relax and settle in because I see him do it so well.

I am often driven and motivated by the anticipation of big activities or plans.  I look forward to family vacations, dance recitals, trips, conferences, events.  I look forward to experiencing those things as a family and a couple.  I look forward to the memories that will be made together in those spaces.

But he always whispers, HOME.

And so we go there, our safe space.  Wherever it may be.  Together.  The two of us.  Then the three.  Then the four.  Then five.  He leads us there well.

And I’m confident that because of that, our girls will always love coming home.  I’m confident that he has led us into feeling safe and comfortable in our home–and that this will carry on for all of us in years to come.

And it’s in those not-so-glamorous moments of being home, that we grow as a family.  It’s in the less than extraordinary that the EXTRAORDINARY is birthed.

IMG_7790 IMG_8248Happy Birthday babe!  We love you with all our hearts.


  1. Joannie Sheese says:

    I just love watching and reading about your family. You make me very proud to know you. You have become such a inspiration to so many people with you infectious smile and grace. Your writing truly makes me feel so close to the father. You are such a beautiful lady, wife, mama and friend. Thank you for sharing your heart!

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